Month: July 2016

Pop fashion! Discovering María Pampín

Uncategorized July 19, 2016

maría pampin

Hi there! Today I want to introduce you to María Pampín, a young Galician fashion and textile designer that has me completely hooked.

María’s designs are characterized by a girly, pop, and delicate style. I really love her final project collection Las amigas de mis amigas (my girlfriend’s friends) inspired in cool geek teens wearing berets and Japanese pop culture. It makes me think of Sailor Moon, Sakura and other anime stylish fictional high school characters that I adored when I was younger, but also it kind of reminds me of Max Fischer from Rushmore .

I wish her the all the best in her career, and I hope you enjoy her work as much I do!

Las amigas de mis amigas. Maria Pampín


Las amigas de mis amigas. María Pampín

How beautiful are her fashion illustratations?

maria pampin illustration

You can follow her work here.

All images are from María Pampín’s website (Estudio Pichero and Zazi White).

Interview with Marem Ladson: “Writting songs is a way of healing”

Uncategorized July 17, 2016


I found her voice inside a small shop in Madrid during the Enjoy Pelayo St celebrated last April. Marem Ladson sat in a stool with her guitar and since the first minute she started singing her songs I immediately fell in love with her sound. Marem has a profound and unique style, like an old folky soul, that doesn’t correspond to her age at all. I just couldn’t stop thinking how good and special she was. I believed I was in front of a very talented new artist that deserved to be widely known. This is why I’m so happy that I got her to answer some questions for the blog.

If you ever have the chance to see her play, please just sit in the front row and feel her magic.

Who is Marem Ladson? I am an 18 year old defined by the coming-together of American and Spanish roots. I’m a half time student of International Relations, since I’ve always been interested in different areas like politics, history and cultures of the world, and a full time singer songwriter, because it is the way I express myself.

Where do you find beauty? In nature and in simplicity.

What kind of feelings do you wish to communicate with your songs? When I write songs, like Hemingway once said, I try to write hard and clear about what hurts, it is a way of healing. I try to communicate just the way I feel, my worries, my thoughts… Sometimes disappointment, others rage, love, fear…

A song that you love and wish you had written: Hotel California by The Eagles

A fictional character that inspires you: Alexander Supertramp because of his brave and daring spirit, his longing to discover the world and also himself.

Could you tell us about your future plans? I’m releasing my first single this fall with Gran Derby Records and next year my first album! I will keep on studying international relations at the Complutense University and, at the same time, writing songs.

Thanks to Gran Derby Records for the photographs 🙂